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Ming Hui School is a bilingual Chinese school, which accepts students of various ages and various cultural backgrounds. Based on the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance", we provide students with the lovely learning environment to learn the Chinese language, the profound traditional Chinese culture, Chinese history, and traditional Chinese moral values. Both the traditional Chinese culture and its moral values are very important components in our teachings that distinguish the Ming Hui School from others. The students from Ming Hui School are expected to respect and care for others, to be honest, and to behave themselves while enhancing their knowledge in the Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Current class time is every Saturday morning, from 10:30AM till 1:00 PM. Start with practicing the exercises for 30 minutes first, then read Hong Yin. After that, the students will be divided to two groups by their age and Chinese level. The lower level class learn the basic Chinese words through ryhmes, songs, and drawings, etc; the upper level class learn Chinese phrases and words through reading Zhuan Falun, and stories that are related to cultivation.

Any question, please call Gina 832-964-9008.

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